Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally in the Ocean!

One of many house geckos.
June 8, Friday:  The next morning, we found and photographed our house geckos, then spent the rest of the morning unsuccessfully looking for a beach again.  At lunch the friendly person running the counter in Captain Cook at the Up Country Bakery and Cafe called his girlfriend who was a vet tech to get directions to a place where we could swim and have the dogs with us.  Great food with fresh vegetarian options and great info, and the reason we stopped, a table outside to eat with the dogs.  He even brought the dogs water.  After our meal, and because we were grateful for his friendliness and the extra effort he made to help, we purchased a loaf of great banana mac-nut bread.  We will definitely be going back there!

We found the lava road, a place to park, and way off the lava cliffs into the water. The water was warm and clear and there were lots of fish.  I waited with the dogs while Rachel and Bill snorkeled.  Frisky jumped in the water where Bill and Rachel had entered it.  He often drinks and swims at the same time.  He tried it, and decided salt water wasn't from him.  Bill showed him the easiest exit, and Frisky was happy to lay by me and play guard.  He never stopped watching Bill and Rachel swim. 

I thought I saw something that looked like a small whale splashing in the distance, but it wasn't the right time of the year, so Bill said I must have been wrong.  Then Bill waited with the dogs while I snorkeled with Rachel.  The entrance into the water was easy enough, but it was difficult climbing out without getting scratched by the lava rock. The snorkeling made it worth it.