Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shark Tale

We have seen her before.  Visiting her cave is now part of the ritual.  Swim to the left over the first big canyon, through octopus flats and back into shark shallows.  Today, she was there sticking her tail out further than the last time we were together.  We snorkeled above her fighting the currents, trying to stay still for the epic camera shots.  The waves did not comply with the request.  Probably some sort of a Union thing.

Reef shark tail at Two Step

 The cave at shark shallows.

How big is she?  How close can we get to her without upsetting her?  I would love for her to come out slowly and face the camera.  Just not in some sort of raging, flesh eating, bone crushing imitation of Jaws.  She never came out so we (you) are stuck with pictures and video of her tail.