Sunday, March 24, 2013


Tang at Two Step, Big Island, Hawaii by Engela Edwards 2013
Tang at Two Step, Big Island, Hawaii
It is always exciting looking for the rare or large fish.  The thrill of crossing paths with a shark, swimming in tandem with a dolphin, or a close up of a hungry eel.  During these searches we pass over schools of yellow tangs, black triggers, raccoon butterflies and more, occasionally stopping to admire their beauty.

These schools are just as exciting and if there were fewer occurrences, they would be bigger headlines.  But the schools are common.  Just venture out a little and you will see them.  Sometimes they are feeding on the corals and algae below or just drifting out in the open, watching us watching them.

Gliding through the water as a submariner.

Thanks to Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas for the use of his music off the Lake Effect disc.  Perhaps you can catch him playing in and around Austin or visit The Austin Connection where he hosts pod casts from Cheshire Moon Studios in Austin, Texas.

photo by Engela Edwards: A jewel box of fish and Bill at Two Step, Big Island, Hawaii 2013
A jewel box of fish and Bill at Two Step, Big Island, Hawaii 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Free Alpha Bonzia and Spring Elements

Travel, photos, travel journals, and scrapbooking go well together.  Getting free kits, alphas, and elements is Travel Gravy.

Free Alpha by Engela
Today, I'm sharing a free alpha set I created to coordinate with the free DSF March Blog Train "Chinese Orient."

Here is the zipped alpha file to download of the individual PNGs on a transparent background.  Included are uppercase, lowercase, and common punctuation symbols all at 300 dpi. The capital letters are an inch tall.

Also, visit the DigiScrap March 2013 Blog Train for free coordinating kits available in March from a variety of designers.

The colors of the alpha also look good with Marisa Lerin's Spring Fields Kit.  On her site you'll find links to the free Spring Fields add-ons kits from other designers created for the Designer Challenge.

You can download the zip file of my elements here, which are easy to add to your page as they are or transform them.

Want an idea of what you can do with these free elements? Chickie created a page using the free Spring Fields elements.

If you have any trouble downloading, enjoy my files, or just want to say hello, please comment below.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shark Tale

We have seen her before.  Visiting her cave is now part of the ritual.  Swim to the left over the first big canyon, through octopus flats and back into shark shallows.  Today, she was there sticking her tail out further than the last time we were together.  We snorkeled above her fighting the currents, trying to stay still for the epic camera shots.  The waves did not comply with the request.  Probably some sort of a Union thing.

Reef shark tail at Two Step

 The cave at shark shallows.

How big is she?  How close can we get to her without upsetting her?  I would love for her to come out slowly and face the camera.  Just not in some sort of raging, flesh eating, bone crushing imitation of Jaws.  She never came out so we (you) are stuck with pictures and video of her tail.