Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy Snorkeling at Keoneele Cove, Hawaii

June 12, Tuesday, Rachel slept late, and Bill and I went to snorkel.  At our regular place,  Kahaulao Bay, in the Kona area of Hawaii, the surge was just too violent.  Bill tried it, but I wouldn't get in the water.  

We found another beach area, but it was filled with boogie boarders and people who wanted to play in the surf.  Bill went in, but I twisted my ankle on the lava rocks and decide to wait it out on the shore.  I smiled to think that I was probably doing something more dangerous by lying under a coconut tree than Bill was snorkeling in the surf.

We ate a good lunch at Huggo's.  The floor of the restaurant was sand and ironically the most sand we'd been on since we'd been here, everything else had been lava.  

We then picked up Rachel and dogs and went back to the place we now call the “manta ray place,” but the waves were too violent again.  

So we drove a little further south.  Since it was late it was cool enough that I could sit with the dogs in the car, while Rachel and Bill snorkeled at Keoneele Cove next to the Place of Refuge.  They entered the water by walking down the boat ramp.  There were two turtles enjoying the cool shallows.  Where a cool-water springs enters the cove and mixes with the warm salt water it gets difficult to see.  They swam into the bay where the snorkeling was good.  Then Bill stayed with the dogs, while I snorkeled with Rachel.  There were lots of fish and a notices not to bother the pod of spinner dolphins who call the bay home.  Yea, we’d finally found a place to snorkel with easy entrance, and there might be a chance to swim with dolphins! 

A trumpet fish trying to hide in a school of yellow tang. 2012