Friday, January 18, 2013

Fascinating Octopus in Hawaii: The Movie

It's rare to see an octopus, and it's rare to see the same animal in the same spot day after day, yet we came across this combination.  We shot several videos over a three day period and most of them are of the same octopus, but I also know there were three in the vicinity. 

Sometimes an octopus would seemingly disappear then re-appear in another place.  While trying to figure out if the same octopus was sneaking around me and moving out into the open, a fight broke out.  Well I think it was a fight.  From out of nowhere, another octopus showed up and decided to start the wrestling match.  It was so quick and unexpected that we didn't have the right cameras in the right spot.  Fortunately we were able to capture some of the action.

We also tried putting a camera down on the bottom to see if we could get a better view.  It kind of worked.  It took a lot snorkel dives to get the right shot with the right camera.  It was all fun. 

Luck is the key to finding an octopus.

Many people ask, "How big is the octopus?" That's hard to explain, since we saw it ball up into the size of a softball, flatten out under a rock that was the size of my hand, and expand to over three feet plus the length of the legs.

Click here to see some of our still photos and get a little info on these day octopuses.